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How to Hire a Water Removal Company?

The water damage restoration industry is not controlled by any Federal regulations. This makes the industry open for all kinds of players. Only when an organization is planning to repair or remodel for 1000 USD or more, should they apply for a ROC license.

Home Factors to Consider!

Hiring a Las Vegas water damage company becomes important after a flood or heavy rains. When you hire a water damage company in Las Vegas, you must take many things into consideration. Do ample groundwork and analysis before choosing a firm. Here are few important parameters you must look at when hiring a restoration company firm:

  • Does the company have any certifications? To become market leaders, the restoration company must have certifications. Common certifications include RIA and Clean Trust. Technicians with these certifications can be trusted.
  • Is the company insured? Water damages can result in expensive repairs. Above all, water damage restoration is a pricey task. This is why you must check if the company has worker’s compensation, general liability, and contractor’s liability. These are primary coverage options for any Las Vegas water removal company.
  • Is the company licensed? Reputed companies carry a ROC license. You can easily check if the company has this license.
  • Availability is another important factor to focus on. Always look for companies that are willing to respond to your queries. You must be able to contact them 24×7!
  • Does the company have trained technicians? Are the personnel skilled and knowledgeable in the areas they offer services? With experienced and trained technicians, you don’t need to worry about anything! The technicians would take care of everything for you. This includes important duties like water damage repairs, cleanups, and extraction.
  • Does the company offer a wide range of services? Are they a Water Restoration Pro? Experts tend to provide an interesting range of services. They will ensure that your home is completely restored.

A Simple Repair Checklist

Here is a simple checklist to help you hire talented and reliable restoration contractors:

  • Always opt for contractors who are state-licensed.
  • Always check if the company has to be around for several years!
  • Look for the company’s business name and license number!
  • Check if the company has any registered complaints. Customers should be happy with the company. There shouldn’t be any consumer complaints. Check out the reviews for our company, they are great!
  • Check if the company is 100% insured and bonded.
  • Check if the company has a reliable compensation insurance policy. They should be able to cover your home on further damage.
  • Check if the company has references, a phone number, an address and a good reputation.

Mistakes to Avoid Hiring a Local Company

Meanwhile, there are few mistakes you should avoid while hiring a water damage restoration company. Never pay by cash! Always make a credit card transaction or write a money check. This way you have a record of the transaction made. Never feel threatened or intimidated to sign the deal. Always work with a signed contract. Above all, never make huge deposits or upfront payments.